Purchasing and Redeeming a Series

Be sure you have created a login and password. You must be logged into your account to purchase and/or redeem a series.

Purchasing a Series

  • Select “Purchase Now” on the website sidebar
  • Under the “Shop Online” tab select “BUY SERIES”
  • Select “Add to cart” for the “5  Class Yoga Pass”

  • Select “Check Out” and complete the required fields including “Your Information” and “Payment Information”
  • Select “Place Order”
  • Now the series will be available to you when you book your yoga classes

Redeeming a Series

  • Select “Class Schedule”
  • Find the classes you want to attend and add them to your cart


  • Select “Check Out” once you have added all of the classes you want to sign up for
  • Select “Series” under “Payment Information”

  • Here you will be able to select your “5 Class Yoga Pass” as payment

  • Select “Complete Booking” to book your classes